Wild Life

Bat Control

Even though bats have long been known to be beneficial creatures due to their craving for insects, they become a problem when they invade the attics, soffits, gables, vents, and chimneys of your homes. Apex utilizes an array of techniques to safely and effectively rid your home or business when this problem occurs.

The key to effective control is to determine the bat’s entry/exit points on the home. We can look for bat droppings or oily smears on the siding as these are evidence that a bat nesting site is near. Keep in mind that a bat may only need a crack the size of your thumb to squeeze through. Once this spot is located, Stutts will install one way netting to allow the bats to escape at night, but not be able to re-enter the premises. Once we are sure the bats have stopped frequenting their old nesting grounds, we will permanently seal the entrance holes so no future problems will arise.

Raccoons & Squirrels

Trapping is a common service provided for the humane removal of nuisance wildlife. Trapping services are normally the first step in solving a nuisance animal problem and proper repairs are normally required to keep wildlife out of the area they invaded. Being that every nuisance wildlife situation is different we offer different trapping plans and decide the most suitable for each situation.

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