"As Needed" Service

Stutts Pest Control offers short term “as needed” services! We have many customers that do not need ongoing service. Often times we can control a pest or rodent situation in as little as one, two, or three services. Please ask us about our short term “as needed” programs so we can control your problem on your budget.

Ongoing Service Programs 

To prevent unwanted pests in or around your home, Stutts Pest Control provides ongoing services which can be performed on a monthly, quarterly, every-other-month, or yearly basis. This program covers a wide range of general, household insects for one, low cost. Once enrolled in this program, you avoid having to pay the higher one-time treatment prices each time a pest outbreak occurs.

You will never have to worry about emergencies thanks to our “Pest-Free” guarantee. You are covered 365 days a year and if additional treatments are required between your ongoing service, Apex will provide an immediate response at no additional charge!

***Pest included in our ongoing service program are roaches, ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, crickets and mice.***

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects such as wasps, bees and hornets are not only annoying but are also potentially deadly for persons allergic to insect stings.

Stutts Pest Control professionals can eliminate stinging insects whether it is a hornet’s in a tree or a yellow-jacket nest in the attic, we’ll be there. Stutts Pest Control utilizes the latest, most up-to-date methods to eliminate these troublesome pests

Additional Insect Control

Stutts Pest Control provides services for many unwanted pests.  Listed below are additional services we provide and can be priced by a simple conversation over the phone:

Fleas & Ticks